Christmas Gifties :D

Here are some Christmas gifts I’ve picked up over the grid 🙂 I’m sick, so im not going to chat much. Just enjoy these gifts!!!

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Hoodie: ~SB~ Santa Paws Hoodie ( Dec GG)
Socks: Reign.-Shimmie Socks-Santa ( Xmas Gift)

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Hair: Little Bones-Sea Foam Holiday Dips (Xmas Gift)


Work Lovin♥

I love my job as a model ^_^. I have the best co-workers and the store owner,Christel Morane,Is a very talented creator. These are just a few of my favorite items from the store!

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Outfit 1:
Coat: Delirium Style-Kristin Fur Hoodie (NEW)
Pants: Delirium Style-Envy Me V1 Pants
Undies: Maitreya Lara Lingerie
Shoes: Reign. Madeline Boots (Group X-mas Gift)

Outfit 2:
Hoodie: Delirium Style-Gracie Angel Hoodie
Pants: Delirium Style-Envy Me V1 Pants
Shoes: Reign. Madeline Boots (Group X-mas Gift

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (NEW)
Hair: .Olive. Rachel Hair-GG ( Join Fee-$250Ls)

Maitreya Love ♥

So, there are quiet a few mesh bodies out there in the grid. The Mesh Project’s Body, Belleza’s Venus, & Slink’s Physique are just a few of the ones out there. Now there’s the Lara mesh body from Maitreya. I’m in LOVE with this body, Lol. This one sold me on the mesh bodies. It looks amazing and not to mention, has a very good price for such good quality.

Here’s what the notecard explains about the body.


This Mesh body is fitted mesh, which means it will adjust to your shape and you can use the shape sliders to make the mesh body appear how you like it.

Lara comes with an Alpha HUD, which allows you to wear most of your standard sized mesh clothes in the same size or a size up. By toggling specific parts or entire sections off, it is possible to wear most of the mesh clothing currently available.

The body comes pre-packaged with 10 current skin tones from Glam Affair. If you have purchased skin appliers for the Maitreya mesh body from your favorite skin stores, you can save those in one of the 5 Save Slots on the HUD. With the color picker you can adjust the skin tone to fit a skin that does not have a designer released applier yet. Especially perfect for fantasy tones.

The mesh body comes with feet in 3 shapes: flat, medium and high. You can choose your foot shape the HUD’s ‘skins & options’ page. There are 3 nail length options for the hands and 19 nail options for both the toe- and fingernails, including French manicure and colors that range from light to dark. The Maitreya mesh body is also compatible with the Slink hands and feet size XS

There are five neck sizes that are based on avatar body fat and correspond to body fat on the 5 standard sizes: 0, 5, 7, 11 and 24. The neck Fix On/Off toggles a sheath to hide the seam between the mesh body and the avatar head. Ambient Occlusion (in your preferences ‘Graphics’ tab) needs to be off to prevent visible seams.

This mesh body can be textured with skins, tattoos and system clothes from your favorite designers, with the use of appliers. There are 3 extra layers on the body for this purpose. Having two or more of these extra layers visible, may result in alpha glitches. There is a ‘mask mode’ button to change the alpha mode for each of the extra layers. When toggled on, that fixes the glitches. Note that this alpha masking mode will only work well when textures have a sharp, defined alpha.
There is a ‘socks’ layer for the feet and a ‘gloves’ layer for the hands, which can also be activated with appliers.
On the Maitreya blog you can find a link to an application form for the developer kit:
The mesh body is also compatible with the Omega system.

The mesh body comes with a lingerie applier set by Zaara and a Maitreya mesh bra & panties set in 16 colors, that is customizable by HUD.

I would encourage everyone to go check out all the mesh bodies and see which one fits your needs. Have a Happy New Year!!!

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Body: Maitreya -Lara Mesh Body
Lingerie: Lara Lingerie
Hair: .Olive.-Rachel Hair-GG ( Join Fee-$250Ls)

It’s hard to believe its already Christmas Eve! With Christmas & Christmas Eve, comes newness!! Some newness is what I need. This ADORABLE jacket is new at Delirium Style. My favorite color is purple, so of course I put on the Purple Pinstripe Coat. It comes in a bunch of other colors to match whatever mood you maybe in. So come down and grab it!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas eve 1


Coat: Delirium Style-Bonnie Hood Coat-Pinstripe Purple

Pants: Delirium Style-Lejnas Zipped Pants

Shoes: :Reign: -Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots


I promise I haven’t forgot you!! My RL Hubby started a new job and I had trainee hours to get through for Delirium Style!!! The holidays are also making it crazy hectic for me :). But now I should have some time to try to blog more 🙂

Also! I will be posting more than just freebies. Some posts may have all freebies, some freebies, or none at all. I will post outfits from the store I model for and other cute outfits & items that I happen to find, but most posts should be freebies.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having some Happy Holidays!!! Some normal posts should follow soon after this one :P.

♥Delirium Style♥

Today I feel like doing another store appreciation post. I’ve shopped at this store for years! They have a very cute, but alternative style which fits my clothing preferences to a T.  I could easily spend all my Lindens in one go here, LOL! I love everything the store has to offer, but these few items were some of my favorite! So, stop by and do some shopping! There is now a discount items skybox area!

profile 1

Hoodie: Delirium Style:Shane Hoodie w. Hud/Female
Pants: D-Style: Lejnas Zipped Pants w. Hud V.2
Shoes: D-Dtyle: Delirium Stompers w.Hud

Hair: Truth: Chynna Blk & Whts
Ears: AITUI Gen 4 Stretched Ears

My Gacha Goodies

    I absolutely love playing gachas. They’re so exciting because you never know what item you are going to get, if its rare or not,and most aren’t to hard on the wallet to play. The Arcade Gacha Event was on the top of my list this month.After about 3 days of attempts, I finally got to tp in and start playing. My favorite gacha by far was the -Pixicat- Onesie gacha. I found myself wishing that alot of the onesies were available in RL,lol! My other guilty pleasure was the Foxes-Birdy Gacha. I got the cute rare kitten and a few of the outfits to go with her. The event runs to the end of this month, so make sure you stop by before its over!!!

gacha 2

♥Foxes-Woodland Wonderland-Kitten (rare)
♥-pixicats–Pixicat-Whimsical.Onesie-Unicorn (RARE) (L)
♥.Atomic.-Critter Comfort-Siamese Scarf
♥.Atomic.-Critter Comfort-Arctic Fox Mittens
♥Sway’s [Cozy Nook] Curtain letter
♥*Tentacio* Choreographer Body m Pink
♥*MishMish* Jackalope Backpack-Baby Blue

The Arcade Gacha Event