My Gacha Goodies

    I absolutely love playing gachas. They’re so exciting because you never know what item you are going to get, if its rare or not,and most aren’t to hard on the wallet to play. The Arcade Gacha Event was on the top of my list this month.After about 3 days of attempts, I finally got to tp in and start playing. My favorite gacha by far was the -Pixicat- Onesie gacha. I found myself wishing that alot of the onesies were available in RL,lol! My other guilty pleasure was the Foxes-Birdy Gacha. I got the cute rare kitten and a few of the outfits to go with her. The event runs to the end of this month, so make sure you stop by before its over!!!

gacha 2

♥Foxes-Woodland Wonderland-Kitten (rare)
♥-pixicats–Pixicat-Whimsical.Onesie-Unicorn (RARE) (L)
♥.Atomic.-Critter Comfort-Siamese Scarf
♥.Atomic.-Critter Comfort-Arctic Fox Mittens
♥Sway’s [Cozy Nook] Curtain letter
♥*Tentacio* Choreographer Body m Pink
♥*MishMish* Jackalope Backpack-Baby Blue

The Arcade Gacha Event


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